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Broadband Services

Our registered brand, BLUE® provides fast, reliable broadband internet services which is available Nationwide. BLUE Wireless offers accelerated unlimited/uncapped paid service which can be accessed on your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

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Software Development

Traditional methods of information management are slowly being replaced by automated information systems. Using a mix of software development approaches/life cycle; KDIS has developed the right human resource to be able to advice and innovate cutting edge software solutions for mobile and computer devices.

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Hardware Engineering

We research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers

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Our Enterprise management team deploys solutions that designs, install, configure, inspect, secure and troubleshoot networked computers to enable seamless and swift communication between.

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Cyber Security

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Digital Skills Training

Our professional training programs are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients as well as provide creative training solutions.

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Products and Services

Our products and services include but not limited to the underlisted:-
• CCTV/IP Camera Installations • Access Solutions • Consultancy • Web Development and Management • ICT Infrastructure setup and maintenance

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Our clients talk about us

  • Working with Koncept Digital Integrated Service has been a great delight to my organisation, we gave them a job to do and the timely delivery of the work done was out of this world. Kudos!
    Solomon Moritiwon
  • One word I will give to Koncept Digital is "Excellence"
    Emmanuel Samuel
  • I was looking for the right digital solution company to design the network topology for my company and Koncept Digital came in to the rescue. Now I enjoy seemless network connectivity among systems and gadgets in and out my organisation.
    Deborah Lee
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